Business practice

Support of economic activities of legal entities of all forms of ownership, representation and protection of the rights and interests of the Client in state bodies, as well as before third parties.

Criminal practice

Protection of the Client in criminal proceedings and relationships with law enforcement agencies, as well as with the bodies of the Security Service, the Prosecutor’s Office, NABU and SAP.

Arbitrage practice

Representation of the Client’s interests in the courts of the first, appellate and cassational instances, as well as support of executive proceedings.

Civil practice

Protection of property rights.

Accompaniment of cases on compensation of harm and losses.

Family law.


Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Subscription service

Complex support of the Client on legal issues arising in the course of his economic activities. This type of service allows you to quickly resolve current and disputed issues in favor of the Client, due to awareness of the lawyer about all the nuances of the business.


Mediation in most cases is an essential alternative to debilitating proceedings.
Our lawyers actively apply the practice of pre-trial reconciliation of the parties and are ready to advise you on these issues.

Corporate practice/ M&A

Attorneys at Law “Monitum” provides support in the following areas: – securities; – corporate restructuring: – investment projects; – the resolution of corporate conflicts, with the use of effective anti-raider mechanisms.

International private and maritime law

Protection and representation of the interests of international companies on the territory of Ukraine.
Opening of representative offices, registration of investments, support of activities.
The International Protection of the Owner of Maritime and River Vessels and the representation of his interests in the ICAC (IAC) at the CCI of Ukraine, as well as in the International Arbitration Courts of Europe.

Construction and real estate

Assistance in this area is aimed at supporting and protecting the interests of the Client when obtaining permits for construction, for the registration of land for construction, and for creating of favorable mechanisms for the alienation of residential and non-residential premises to the end user.

Public private partnership

Public – private partnership consists in cooperation between the state and the private sector, with a view to implementing various socially significant projects in the fields of engineering, real estate management, production and supply of electricity.
Complex support of such projects, in the absence of sufficient legal regulation of this sphere, requires the participation of an experienced lawyer.

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